Our popular services for international students


Sun-Net SIM card

Monthly fees from 1,404yen! VoIP number available!

Mobile Router

Mobile Wi-Fi Router

Use it outside or indoors. You can have a one-month contract with the RENTAL plan!


Global Wi-Fi

Travelling abroad? Unlimited calls from overseas available! Includes a VPN for China.

Why Sun-Net?

It’s cheap

Affordable plans!

Monthly fees from 1.404 yen.

Minimum length

Minimum length

As you requested, contracts from one month!

Choose your payment method

Choose your payment method

Bank transfer, credit card and cash transfer available.

IP number included

VoIP number with our data SIM

National and international calls. Free of charge between Sun-Net users.

Full support

Full support

We can help you in English, Chinese, Vietnamese and Sinhala. 



Compare each plan and decide which one fits you!


Purchase guide

Purchase guide

Please, contact us if you have any question.

Purchase guide


この度は、Sun-Netサービスにお問い合わせいただき、誠にありがとうございます。 誠に勝手ながら、年末年始休業(2019/12/28〜2020/1/6)に伴い、2020/1/7より順次対応させて頂きます。 会員各位にはご不便をお掛け致しますが、ご理解の程よろしくお願いいたします。 Thank you for using Sun-Net services.This is an automatic reply acknowledging receipt of your e-mail. As a rule, emails received from customers are prioritized in order of receipt.The office is closed from December 28th, 2019 to January 6th, 2020. Please contact us by e-mail and we will answer the emails in order as soon as we can after January 7th, 2020.Thank you for your collaboration and understanding. ------------------- Business Hours: Mon-Fri 9:30am-6:30pm (Except for national holidays) =====Sun-Netサービス(株式会社サンライズ)===== 〒103-004 東京都中央区東日本橋2-14-1 DKK東日本橋ビル4F TEL:0120-336-326 FAX:03-5822-2342 E-mail:info@sunrise-net.ne.jp URL:http://www.sunrise-net.ne.jp 営業時間:平日9:30〜18:30=====Sun-Net Service (Sunrise Corporation)===== DKK Higashi-Nihombashi Building 4F 2-14-1,Higashi-Nihombashi,Chuo-ku,Tokyo TEL:0120-336-326 FAX:03-5822-2342 E-mail:info@sunrise-net.co.jp URL:http://www.sunrise-net.ne.jp Business Hours: Weekdays (9:30am-6:30pm)
【重要】システムメンテナンスのお知らせ/System Maintenance Notice
誠に恐れ入りますが、明日9月18日午前9時30分から午後2時までの間、システムメンテナンスの為、お電話でのお問い合わせをお受けできない時間帯が発生致します。 御不便をお掛け致しますことをお詫び申し上げます なお、メンテナンス終了時刻につきましては前後する場合がございますので あらかじめご了承ください。 Thank you for calling Sun-Net Service. Due to our system maintenance, all calling services will be unavailable during 9:30AM to 2PM on September 18th. The working hours might be changed slightly without notice. We apologize for the inconvenience.
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