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Greetings from the founder

Sunrise Co. Ltd. offers specialized services for international students and dormitories.

Thank you very much for visiting our website.
Since its establishment in 1989, Sunrise has been providing specialized services in student dormitories across the country leading its market in Japan, first as a telephone line provider and now as an Internet Service Provider. In 2014 Sunrise also started providing SIM cards and mobile routers to international students who were having a hard time finding a reasonable service.
Sunrise doesn't sell "things" or "products". When an international student told us that he couldn't use his own terminal in Japan, we realized that we could do something to help him. Sunrise will put itself in your shoes, offer you a solution to your problems and meet your expectations.

We believe in a one-to-one relationship, that's why we are not looking for the mass market.
We will never look for the company's convenience instead of the customer's.
We focus on our own market by listening to your opinion and responding to your problems. 
Lots of customers have shown us their gratitude for our efforts, but what make us keep moving is
「thanking them for their kind words!!」
We are really excited to help you, so we will do our best!

Sunrise's Corporate Philosophy:
"The company is a tool to make the customer's dreams come true."
"The company is the stage where employees realize their dreams."
By answering your opinions and problems, Sunrise experiences a continous evolution and we look forward to your support.

CEO Tanaka Hiroki

Company profile

Company name SUNRISE Co. Ltd.
Establishment April 12th, 1989
Capital 22,000,000 yen
Employees 15 employees (average age: 35.3)
CEO President Tanaka Hiroki
Address Tokyo-to, Chuo-ku, Higashinihonbashi 2-14-1 DKK Higashinihonbashi bldg. 4F MAP
Business (1)Dormitory Internet connection「Sun-Net Wi-Fi」
(2)International students SIM「Sun-Net SIM」
(3)International students Wi-Fi「Sun-Net 海外 Wi-Fi」
(4)Moving out students「Sun-Net光」
(5)Netshop「Sun-Net Shop」management
(6)「Sun-Net App」management
Business registration number Telecommunications carrier
Kanto General Communications Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications A-18-8729
Suppliers Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation Ltd.
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West Corporation Ltd.
NTT Communications Corp.
Bank Resona bank Akihabara branch
MUFG bank Asakusabashi branch
Mizuho bank Yokoyamacho branch


April, 1989 SUNRISE Ltd. is established in the city of Chiba with a 10 million yen capital
April, 1989 Our dormitory telephone system "ふれんでぃ" becomes available nationwide
April, 1996 Relocation to Tokyo (Taito-ku) and business expansion
April, 2000 Development of Sun-Net Internet services in dormitories in Tokyo
September, 2002 Sun-Net service becomes nationwide
April, 2004 Relocation to Tokyo (Chuo-ku) and business expansion
September, 2008 Capital increased to 22 million yen
December, 2008 Sun-Net members' Community site
April, 2014 Sun-Net SIM established
August, 2014 Netshop established
April, 2017 Sun-Net Hikari service established
June, 2020 Sun-Net Thermal camera


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