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In order to apply, it is required to attach a picture of a personal identification document. Documents that can be used to identify yourself are as follow:

  1. Japanese driving license
  2. My Number card 
  3. Japanese passport
  4. Insurance card (National health insurance/Health insurance)
  5. Special permanent resident certificate
  6. Residence card
  7. Basic resident register card (with picture)
  8. Driving history certificate(other personal ID also needed)
  9. Physically handicapped certificate
  10. Health and welfare certificate for mentally handicapped person
  11. Caretaker certificate(other personal ID also needed)

In addition to any of the above-mentioned identity confirmation documents, please prepare one of the following supplementary documents when the address written on the ID and the current one are different.

  1. Residence certificate
  2. Utility fee receipt (gas, electricity or water bill)

※Within three months after the date of issue.
※The name and address of the customer have to appear on them.

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