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Choose the plan that fits you.
All prices are tax included.

Sun-Net SIM

For those interested in a SIM card.

Data SIM


Plan Data capacity Regular plan
(Monthly fee)
Short term pack(Including Initial Cost and monthly fees)
5months 4months 3months 2months 1month
1GB Plan 1GB/month 1,404yen 11,124yen 10,152yen 9,072yen 7,830yen 6,588yen
3GB Plan 3GB/month 1,620yen 12,420yen 11,232yen 9,934yen 8,532yen 7,020yen
5GB Plan 5GB/month 2,268yen 16,308yen 14,472yen 12,526yen 10,454yen 8,316yen
7GB Plan 7GB/month 2,700yen 18,900yen 16,632yen 14,256yen 11,772yen 9,180yen
10GB Plan 10GB/month 3,456yen 23,436yen 20,412yen 17,279yen 14,040yen 10,692yen
15GB Plan 15GB/month 4,320yen - - - - -
20GB Plan 20GB/month 5,346yen - - - - -
30GB Plan 30GB/month 6,912yen - - - - -

※All plans include a 050 IP number free of charge.(A free 500 yen charge is included)
※Initial cost: 3,780 yen.
※High speed data capacity addition is available. (0.5GB/594yen)
※There is a 594yen commission fee for changing the data plan.
※If you apply for a Short term plan, the contract must be paid in a lump-sum in advance. 
   Also, the data plan can not be modified.

Voice SIM


Plan Data capacity Normal plan(Monthly fee)
110MB Plan 110MB/day 2,052yen
170MB Plan 170MB/day 2,700yen
3GB Plan 3GB/month 2,052yen
5GB Plan 5GB/month 2,700yen
10GB Plan 10GB/month 3,888yen
15GB Plan 15GB/month 4,968yen

※ Initial cost: 3,780 yen
※ If the customer applies during the second half of the month, the first monthly fee may be reduced by half, however, the contract always ends the last day of the month.
※The monthly fee does not include calling charges. These will be applied two months later.

Sun-Net Mobile

Connect as many devices as you like.


Plan Data capacity 2 year-contract
(Monthly fee)
(Minimum usage 1 month)
5GB Plan 5GB/month 2,889yen 3,510yen
7GB Plan 7GB/month 3,348yen 3,915yen
10GB Plan 10GB/month 3,861yen 4,374yen
20GB Plan 20GB/month 5,940yen 6,264yen
30GB Plan 30GB/month 7,560yen 7,884yen

※ Initial cost: 2,592 yen.

Sun-Net Global Wi-Fi

For those who go overseas.


Plan Data capacity Daily fee 7 days pack 1 month pack
Asia Tour plan 500MB/day 734yen/day 4,883yen/week 13,824yen/month
1GB/day 1,058yen/day  7,038yen/week 17,064yen/month 
Global (World Tour) plan 500MB/day 1,058yen/day 7,038yen/week 16,740yen/month
1GB/day 1,674yen/day  11,132yen/week  24,840yen/month

※Shipping fee will be charged separately. Delivery / return will be 1,350 yen.
※If you also want to apply for our 050 IP number, 194yen/day or 1,944yen/month will be added to the price above.

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