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Searching for the internet at the new address ( Sun-Net Hikari)

Ideal for online classes and remote work!

Stable and high-speed internet.

There is no limit to the number of connected terminals

Free estimate! Simple steps

What is the speed and quality of the optical line?

Since using the same optical lines with FLET'S Hikari, we provide high-quality optical lines that are the same as NTT East and NTT West.

Collectively safe!

One contract is OK. That's why it's quick from application to start using. Also, the support window is the same, so don't worry even after you start using it.

SUPPORT until satisfaction

We will actively respond to the adjustment of the opening work schedule, terminal setting installation, etc.
Provider area and line speed totally stable

Same providing area as Flet's Hikari!Available at any area with Flet's Hikari facilities. Maximum connection speed is 1Gbps approximately.

※1:Regarding the Sun-Net Hikari connection speed: the maximum speed is the maximum value for technical standards, not the actual speed. The speed at the moment of use may drop depending on the environment and using congestion.

Special campaign for Sun-Net service User!!!
Sun-Net hikari
※2: About Accommodation discount
・The only fee applicable to campaign terms is the one related to construction work.
 The additional cost due to the installation on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are not eligible for the campaign discount.
・You will be charged 19,800yen for opening construction cost. If you cancel your contract within 25 months of the shortest usage period, you have to pay the remaining  cost by one-time payment.
・As a condition to applying the discount on the Internet opening construction cost, it is necessary to use Internet for 25 months.
  If the contract is canceled before the renewal month, you have to pay a cancellation fee of 5,500yen
・ Construction will be carried out by NTT East/West construction companies.
Hikari plan
Sun-Net 光
Sun-Net 光
※ We will verify your new address and check the available plan and the necessity of construction work or not.
※ There is an initial cost of 3,300 yen.
Easy 3 steps
We will inquire from the customer, ask for the address, and investigate the optimal plan.
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