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【About Accommodation discount】

1.The only fee applicable to campaign terms is the one related to construction work.
The additional cost due to the installation on Saturdays, Sundays and holydays is not eligible for the campaign discount.
2. Only customers with a 2-year contract will be eligible for the campaign. In case of cancellation, the installation fee will be applied. 


■In collaboration with FLET'S HIKARI!
The line speed and quality remain intact.
We use the same line as Flet's Hikari, offering you a high quality connection comparable to NTT East/West Japan's.
Provider and line all together.
Unlike Flet's Hikari, the ISP and the optical line are both contracted through Sun-Net, who also offers direct support in English, Chinese, Sinhala and Vietnamese.

■Provider area and line speed totally stable
Same provided area as Flet's Hikari!
Available at any area with Flet's Hikari facilities. Maximun connection speed is 1Gbps approximately.
※Regarding the Sun-Net Hikari A and F types: the maximum speed is the maximum value for technical standards, not the actual speed.
The speed at the moment of use may drop depending on the environment and the line congestion.

How to start using it
After receiving the application form, we will ask you for your address in order to check the available plan.

Contact us・Apply

You can contact us by email or phone

By phone


Weekdays from 9:30 to 18:30

By email
Before applying be sure to check our terms.

Contact us

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