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Initial cost
4,320yen 2,592yen
Plan Data SIM Data+SMS SIM Voice SIM Mobile WiFi Rental
1GB Plan 1,404yen ⇒918yen 1,674yen ⇒1,188yen - -
3GB Plan 1,620yen ⇒1,080yen 1,890yen ⇒1,350yen 2,052yen -
5GB Plan 2,268yen ⇒1,620yen 2,538yen ⇒1,850yen 2,700yen 2,916yen
7GB Plan 2,700yen ⇒1,944yen 2,970yen ⇒2,214yen - -
10GB Plan 3,456yen ⇒2,700yen 3,726yen ⇒2,970yen 3,888yen 3,780yen
Unlimited Plan(90GB) 6,912yen ⇒4,860yen - - 4,860yen
Minimum contract One month Six month One month
Option service 050 IP Phone Number:1,080yen
(With 1,000yen blance)
(Unlimited 10-min.calls)
050 IP Phone Number:1,080yen
(With 1,000yen blance)

※The campaign is only for the one who has not used Sun-Net Service yet.
※All plans do not include a 050 IP phone number. If you wish to use 050 IP Phone ,select optional services.
※High speed data capacity addition is available. (594yen/0.5GB)
※There is a 594yen commission fee for changing the data plan.
※After reaching the data limit, the connection speed drops to 200kbps. No extra fees.



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