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050 settings

1)Access the Google Play Store or the Apple Store and download the "My 050" app.
2)Once downloaded, insert your user ID and password (find them in the Brastel package) and sign in.

3)If a "Registered" message and your actual balance are displayed on the dial screen, 
     you are able to make and receive calls.

※If you are not allowed to make calls after signing in, please do as follow:

1)An "Error" message is displayed and I can not see my balance.
→ The entered user ID and password may be incorrect. Please, reset your account and sign in again.
【How to reset your account】
iPhone:Inside the 050 app go to the options menu, then to [Advanced options] and [Reset Application]
Android:Inside the 050 app go to the options menu [・・・] then to [Settings] and [Reset Application]


Q)How can I top up?
→You can pay at the convenience store with the card or the coupons we provided you. 
    You can check here how to pay at the convenience store.

Q)I have lost my Brastel card.
→Since it can be issued again, please contact our customer service.

Q)Is there any expiration date for my card balance?
→Your Brastel account and its corresponding 050 number will expire one year after any call or transaction (except credit transfers) that results in a balance change (increase or decrease).

Q)I can make calls, but not receive them.
→Please, confirm that the push up notifications are on. You can do it through the app Settings menu. 
    If the problem persists, please contact Brastel Telecom.

Q)How much does it cost to make international calls?
→You can check it by accessing the "My account" menu inside the app. Then go to "Rates" and type the country you want to call to.

Q)Can I register my 050 number in apps such as LINE or WHATSAPP?
→Since it is not a phone number, it can not be used in such apps to create a new account. If you already have a WHATSAPP account,
   you can choose to keep your previous number. This way you will keep all your contacts and chats. If you want to create a LINE account, you
   will need to register through your Facebook account. You can also apply for one of our Data+SMS or Voice SIM cards.

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